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Karon is a professional life coach who specialises in helping people create a successful, yet balanced life. She is passionate about making a difference to peoples’ lives, guiding them to reach their goals and advocating on behalf of her clients – speaking plainly, when they need to hear it most.  Karon feels fortunate to have found her calling as a coach, using her extensive experience, knowledge and skills; adaptable to individual circumstances.

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Prior to creating her life coaching business, Karon has worked across several areas within mental health; as an Independent Mental Health Advocate, Trainer and Workshop Leader. She has over 8 years’ experience of working in this sector and has excellent knowledge of the challenges that face people who have been given a mental health diagnosis. Karon craved more personal fulfillment, so trained and certified as a personal life and career coach.

Karon has used the knowledge, experience and education gained from working within mental health settings to guide individuals to transform their lives. Today Karon offers a range of programs and services from individual coaching, to seminars and workshops, using her personal inspiration and motivational speaking to enthuse her clients and support them in reaching their goals.



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 Karon’s pricing is simple. She charges £100 per hour for individual coaching sessions. Much can be accomplished in a single focused session. However, she recommends a monthly coaching package to make lasting change in your life and accelerate your progress, for the following reasons:

A big part of coaching takes place in between sessions in the form of homework assignments. This is structured so that you complete self-discovery exercises, assessments, and action items in between coaching sessions in order to maximize the time we spend in our sessions.

A defined number of sessions each month provides additional accountability. You will get better results more quickly with greater accountability.



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Most of Karon’s clients work  for 3 – 6 months but it varies depending on your situation and goals. It is my goal that you find your true path and/or accomplish your career/business/life goals and don’t need my services anymore!

Additional Services:

  • Running Workshops and Training sessions packages on request

Education and Qualifications

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Karon holds a First Class Degree in Health Sciences BSc (hons) and is a Certified Independent Mental Health Advocate and Accredited Life Coach.



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Karon offers monthly, 3 month, or 6 month packages of 3 weekly one hour sessions via phone or Skype for £350 per month (a £50 saving), £1000 for a 3 month package (a £200 saving), or £1800 for a 6 month package (a £600 saving). Payment is in advance (monthly payment options are available) and you can cancel at any time with one month notice.

Each session includes:

  • All assessments and customized coaching activities assigned in between sessions (typically amounting to about 1-2 hours)
  • My time to review the assessments and homework activities in between sessions
  • Email follow-up in between sessions for additional support and effectiveness


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To contact Karon, please email her at karon@prosperitymindfulness.com.

You can also follow Karon on the above social media platforms for bite-size inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and on track.

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